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Valve Maintenance

I'm Moe.  I'm new here.  And, I have a few suggestions about the valve situtation.  I had the same problem when I got my new Holton a few years back.   The valves are ground in with very few thousandths of an inch tolerance.  There is a proper method for oiling your valves:   
1.  Squirt roter/ key oil in to the space between the swivel arm and the rotor shaft (DO NOT USE VALVE OIL)

2.  Remove the valve cap and place roter/ key oil in the hole.  A good idea is to coat the treads of the casing as well and close it up.

3.  A small amount of valve oil can then be place down each of the valve slides and in the lead pipe.  This is used to slow oxidation.

4.  Press the levers rapidly while turning the horn in all directions simultaneously.  This will allow the oil to flow to all surfaces.

Happy maintenance!

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