carnival knowledge (bluejay_ray) wrote in hornhelp,
carnival knowledge

Mouthpiece suggestions?

I recently acquired a used Reynolds Bb horn and the mouthpiece that came with it is a Holton SC. I am a novice horn player but have played trumpet for a year and a half so of course the SC seems small but I'm concerned it may be too small as I am getting a very poor low register. I realize the Bb horn limits my low range and maybe I just need to work on it but am thinking I need something more open. I don't want anything that significantly diminishes my high range, just a little more versatility.

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I began playing a Giardinelli C10, but since you are transferring from trumpet that probably would not work for you. In the Giardinelli line I would look at an S14. You may need a larger mouthpiece initially just to make the change. Usually the deeper the cup, the better you low range will be, also.