suicidal_moth (suicidal_moth) wrote in hornhelp,

Sticking valves

The valves on my (Yamaha) French horn are moving *extremely* slowly when they're coming back up after I push them. My section leader helped me take out one of the rotars and i cleaned it up, and oiled it with some good oil, but alas, it didnt help at all. We've tightened strings and greased and cleaned but nothing seems to be working. Any suggestions?
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When that happened to my horn, I took it to the repair shop. ^ - ^

:P It's not much help, but it's the best that I can do.

I hope someone else can help you better then I can. ^ - ^


May 24 2006, 03:26:03 UTC 11 years ago

thank you anyways, that's my next step if i can't figure anything out soon. need to find a shop to repair it nearby.
thank you anyways, that's my next step if i can't figure anything out soon. need to find a shop to repair it nearby. (forgot to sign in, doh!)
^ - ^ LOL- the closest repair shop to me is, like, over an hour's drive. :P

What happens is (and I'm assuming it's happened to you as the same scenario has happened to me on both my horns) as your velve moves, little tiny pieces of metal wear off and subsequently get stuck in the valve. Hence the slllllooooow movement. If the horn is fairly new, expect this to happen as the valves are still breaking themselves in and take a bit of time to wear everything away.

The best way to fix this is a professional chemical dip.

FEAR NOT! There are some quick fixes:

-Give your horn a bath: Take apart everything that can come apart. Fill the tub about halfway with lukewarm water and put a towel on the bottom to prevent dings and scraping. let it soak for about 15 minutes. As you drain the tub, rinse out the parts with clean lukewarm water from the faucet. Flush it through everywhere. Place the horn bits on a clean and dry towel to dry. Re-asemble and oil. Now, you can use dish soap in the bath to help dissolve the gunk. I would use something like Dawn as it is gentle but cuts grease. Just a drop though...

-Dump oil down the valves: Pull out your valves slides and dump a hefty amount of oil down onto the valves. Turn the horn so the valve slides are pointing up (allowing the oil to flow down over the valve) and wiggle the levers thus turning the valves and allowing the oil to coat the valves and hopefully loosen any gunk that is slowing them down. Repeat maybe once ot twice. Dump out the left-over oil. If you can't dump it all, turn the horn (mouthpiece over bell) 3 times and the leftover should come out the bell. Have a cleaning rag at the ready.

Did you get your rotors moving?
Yep, took her into a shop and she got fixed, she's moving better than she ever has ^_^ I'm completely in love with my french horn haha.