franklanguage (franklanguage) wrote in hornhelp,

Draining spit/condensation?

Hi, I just joined this comm within the last half-hour and am wondering if there's a best way to drain out the spit from my horn. The only way I know is to take the mouthpiece out and turn it around until the spit comes out the leadpipe—or take the slides out directly if you know where the spit is.

I've been playing brass instruments since I was 10 and taught myself the F horn when I was in high school, but have never figured out why they don't have a spit valve stuck on it! (Even my bari sax has a spit valve at the bottom of the crook!) I recently finished paying off a Con 6D and am loving it, but I'm frustrated that it collects spit so fast and starts making that noise—you know, the gurgle of death.

Are there FAQs I should look at before I ask questions like this? If this gets asked regularly I'd be happy to look at the main archive.
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